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Reaching Out To Help Mothers With Multiple Birth Babies



Most multiple births occur amongst the most impoverished members of the society in developing countries. For instance, Nigeria has the largest number of multiple births in the world. Often, inadequate and lack of access to proper medical facilities in the rural areas, malnutrition, in addition to serious financial constraints contribute to high mortality rate amongst this group.

The major problem is ill-equipped medical centers in the rural areas in these countries. Both the public and private health centers lack basic facilities like incubators, scanning machines, and other neo-natal unit equipment for premature babies that are often frequent amongst multiple births. Most mothers get to know that they are having more than one child only during labor. Such medical inadequacies like absence of incubators and equipped neo-natal units decreases chances of survival at birth, and heightens the dangers confronting these families.

Next to the above mentioned challenge is financial constrains amongst these families. Economic problems set in to further compound the medical upheavals in a situation where the children survive after birth. Most families are poor and unemployed. They cannot afford the medical bills, food and clothing for these babies. Women and children suffer most as they are abandoned by husbands who do not have money for their upkeep. Some women are subjected to intensive work at the hospitals despite their poor state of health after delivery as a way to off-set their hospital bills. Even when they are set free by the hospitals, mothers watch helplessly as their twins, triplets and other siblings suffer from acute malnutrition, disease and eventual death. In truth, what these families are asking for are basic survival needs such as milk, cereals, food items, clothes and shelter.

Subsequently, emotional and psychological trauma sets in. This faceless disease destabilizes the entire family unit. The father whose self-esteem has been bashed walks out on the family in shame without any sense of direction or purpose. Mothers and children that are abandoned by husbands, thrown out from hospitals and have no means of livelihood, swallow self-pride and resort to street begging and hawking in the most deplorable weather condition. Meanwhile, older siblings at home are subjected to lack of parental guide, hunger and no education. Often times, these children, who because of economic realities are made to cater for themselves, are exposed to the ills of the society. They become victims of the criminalities of the society and without proper guidance, may end up committing crimes themselves. All these lead to increased social problems of domestic child labor, high illiteracy rate, crime and perpetual poverty. This obvious vicious cycle of poverty and criminality invariably becomes threat to the larger society.

Confronted with this litany of problems and challenges, it is the determination of Multiple Birth Support Foundation to reduce the poverty level amongst multiple birth families. It is in response to these yearnings that MULTIPLE OUTREACH PROJECT (MOP) was borne. A multi-faceted project based on short and long term programs that will support and provide assistance to uplift the living conditions of disadvantaged multiple births families in the society.


Most people are aware that caring for one child is a difficult task. Hence, the care of twins, triplets or more under a stressful, emotional, and financial difficulty is better imagined than experienced. We ask you to partner with us in any way to help these less privileged families. The situation is that many multiple birth families either in developed society or in developing countries depend on our help for daily survival. Your contribution today will impact positively on these families and increase our efforts in fighting global poverty. We accept financial and material donations, please contact us.

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Food and Essential Materials Donation

This is our most important program because most of these babies come un-expectantly and need immediate attention in order to survive. Even when the babies are rescued at birth, some of them die afterwards due to malnutrition and inadequate care. This program addresses three categories of beneficiaries: (1) babies from birth to twelve months; (2) their mothers; and (3) infants of 1 to 5 years old.

Source of Items

We solicit for basic food essentials like milk, cereals, beverages, first aid medicines, diapers, clothing and others from manufacturers, organizations and individuals. These living essentials will be distributed to most needy families in the designated areas. Our members are in dire need of these things, and we plea on their behalf for your generosity. We can also purchase these materials through your financial donations to the foundation.

Fairly Used Items

We also accept and appreciate fairly used materials like clothing, shoes, baby beds/cot, car seats, strollers/prams, walkers, toys, back bag, and other school supplies.


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