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Reaching Out To Help Mothers With Multiple Birth Babies


The Multiple Outreach Project (MOP) comprises short and long term programs that are designed to improve the living conditions as well as reduce mortality rates amongst multiple birth families in developing countries. Through this project pregnant women and babies will have easier access to health facilities, the family will be economically empowered, and other siblings will have opportunities of realizing their educational pursuit. As the name implies, the project is multi-dimensional. The Multiple Outreach Project (MOP) is designed to have a spiral and uplifting effect on the household and beyond. It will mop out poverty and pump up living standards of these families. The objectives of the project are as follows:

1. To promote Safe motherhood

2. To reduce Infant mortality rate

3. To promote skills acquisition and economic empowerment amongst parents.

4. To increased opportunities for educational pursuit for multiple births children

5. To create awareness to members of the public on the unimaginable hardships encountered by families of multiple births.

6. To highlight the need for support to families of multiple births.

7. To boost the sense of belonging of these families by enhancing their living conditions and encourage their continued existence in the society.


The beneficiaries of this project will be poor and helpless pregnant women in rural areas that cannot cater for their medical checkups, disadvantaged parents and children of multiple births. Though our focus and priority is on multiple birth families, sometimes, our help extends to other impoverished families within the locality that is in severe need of these basic facilities.


The Multiple Outreach Project is sub-divided into seven programs.  These are:

1. Medical and Nutritional Outreach

The medical outreach program is both on short and long term basis. This includes monitoring the pregnancy to delivery, after birth maintenance and provision of medical care to the children during illness. The aim of this program is for expectant mothers to know before labor that they are going to have more than one baby. In that way, the family especially the woman will be psychologically prepared. It will also help doctors to give more medical supervision in order to reduce infant and pregnant women mortality and disorder rate. Our medical outreach program includes seminars and workshops on nutrition, hygiene, counseling, emotional and psychological support.

Nutritional Enrichment Awareness Outreach

The second part of the Medical Outreach is the Nutritional Enrichment Awareness Outreach. The Nutritional program is geared towards improving the nutritional intake of these families. It is important that pregnant women and infants take appropriate nutritional food intake and supplements for proper body development. Parents will be taught the importance and how to prepare healthy food for their families using the natural food products available to them. Such information and practice will greatly reduce the risk of diseases often caused by malnutrition. In this program, we will run educational health program called “Train the Trainer Use of Local Food Content for Supplements”. This program is part of our health drive to improve on the total well-being of multiple birth families.

2. Social Welfare Outreach

The program is in two phases (a) Feeding Program (b) Daily Essentials Program.

The social welfare outreach program goal is to feed and increase the nutritional intake of about five hundred children in one year. It assists in provision of daily care necessities like clothing, and body care to these children. Both the Feeding and the Daily Essential Programs will be carried out on a monthly basis. The distribution Locations will be at our centers.

The beneficiaries of this program are mainly children between the ages of 0 to 5 years will benefit most from this program. The children are in two groups (a) Babies 0 to 1 year (b) Infants 1 to 5 years.

Source of Items

We solicit for basic food essentials like milk, cereals, beverages, first aid medicines, diapers, clothing and others from manufacturers, organizations and individuals. These living essentials will be distributed to most needed families by our staff in the designated areas. Our members are absolutely in need of these food and materials and we plea for your generosity. We also purchase these materials through your financial donations to the foundation.

3. Economic Revolve Outreach

Empowerment that is not tied to economic ability and sustainability is porous. Self-sustenance is critical to poverty alleviation and improved living standard. A popular adage says “give a man fish, you have fed him for one day, teach him to fish, you have fed him and his generation to come”. Given the frequency of births, the huge financial demands and our financial constraints, it is difficult for us to sustain a particular family for a long time. Moreover, it creates dependency syndrome amongst members. In order to really, uplift a family, it is absolutely necessary to equip them with the means and tools to cater for themselves. Our Economic Revolve Outreach Program is designed to help parents learn skills and start petty trading that can help provide their families daily needs without total dependence on the foundation.

The Economic Revolve Outreach Program adopts a micro financing strategy. It loans a particular amount of money to the family to start an identified trade. Depending on the situation, the amount may be given in the equivalent of stock for the business and not in cash. The family will be given a three months period of grace. After that, they are expected to pay back certain amount of money monthly for one year to offset half of the amount loaned to them and for sustainability of the program. This money in turn will be loaned to another person to start his/her own business.

The intention for asking the families to pay back is to get them committed in the business. It is also a way for the foundation to be able to monitor their progress and keep track of the business. More financial support will be given to families that improve in their business.

CLICK HERE for the Micro Finance Facility Application Form

4. Skill Acquisition/Initiative Outreach

Skills Acquisition Outreach is one of our long term programs. Here, the recipient identifies a skill and finds a place for training. This program encourages and promotes skills training and acquisition amongst these families. Most parents and older siblings are talented but lack the opportunity to develop them. Most people have abandoned blue collar job in pursuit for white collar jobs in urban areas. In most places in the rural areas, there is lack of handy men such as carpenters, welders, artists, tailors, plumbers, Mechanics, bricklayers, block molders, painters, bakers, hairdressers and so on. More details on this program will be sent to prospective sponsors upon enquiry.

5. Educational Outreach

Many of multiple births children and older siblings in the families are out of school due to huge financial implications on their parents. Most of them are involved in child labor, hawking on the streets to help their parents raise money for their daily survival, others are sent out as domestic workers while others are on the streets begging. Most of these children are brilliant and talented. Their enormous, inherent, and diversified potentials are often wasted and never developed. Few of them in school lack the basic facilities to earn good education.


Our Educational Outreach Program is designed to offer scholarship to some of these children. We offer others typing and computer skills training that will improve their knowledge and enhance their chances of employment. We constantly have list of children that have finished primary and secondary education but cannot further their education due to financial problems and will appreciate sponsors for them.

We also need essential school materials like level reading books, dictionaries, shoes/sandals, back bag/schoolbags, school supplies like notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, crayons, rulers, sharpeners, and educational games of various grades for most of these children.

6. Emotional and Psychological Outreach

This program is designed to provide emotional and psychological support to families of multiple births. We provide support services like counseling, babysitting, sharing and exchange of ideas amongst families. We organize seminars and workshops to disseminate information that would be helpful to member families going through different experiences. We encourage members to support each other through this journey in any way they can.

7. Public Enlightenment and Awareness Outreach

This program is a major instrument for the attainment of objectives of multiple births support foundation. Through public enlightenment and awareness program, we educate parents on how to cope with the challenges of multiple births. We also sensitize the general public on the enormous problems facing families of multiple births and the need to address them. We present our aims, objectives, projects, activities, expectations, demands, challenges and obstacles to governments, co-operate bodies, religious organizations, manufacturers, international organizations and philanthropist through our public enlightenment program.

We need a continuous and wider sensitization of our mission that will be beneficial to a larger number of disadvantaged multiple births families. This awareness is in form of leaflets, stickers, newsletters and brochures that have cost implications and we solicit for your help.

Funding the Secretariat

The Multiple Birth Support Foundation has been dependent on voluntary services for many of our activities. The scope of Multiple Outreach Project demands the employment of social workers that will help execute some activities of these programs and this has financial implications. We are also in need of office equipment and supplies to help us in management of our secretariat, and attend to numerous logistics associated with our work.


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