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Reaching Out To Help Mothers With Multiple Birth Babies



The Multiple Births Support Foundation started its activities in 2004 in Nigeria by a triplet mother who has experienced the joys, challenges and difficulties associated with caring for multiple births in a developing country. Nigeria has the highest number of multiple births in the world and most of them are of natural conception. Our foundation now registered in the United States of America continue to strives for provision of medical, educational, financial, emotional, and social welfare support assistance that will save lives, improve, sustain, and empower needy families of twins, triplets and more. The foundation is also advocating for research, information dissemination, policies and programs that will create awareness, fight poverty, reduce maternal and infant mortality rate, and enhance quality of life for multiple birth families.

In narrating her experience, Anna Ekeanyanwu, founder/president Multiple Births Support Foundation reveals that multiple birth families in developed countries cannot reconcile what it is like for most multiple birth families in developing country.  

“I had my triplets in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1997 and was informed that I was expecting triplets as early as eight weeks due to an efficient and accessible medical facility. The pregnancy period was a mountainous journey.  I got lots of information from South African Multiple Birth Association (SAMBA), in Johannesburg on how to cope with my multiples. I was equipped, and prepared (or so I thought), but when they arrived, even with all the help I got, I was perplexed and overwhelmed. It was beyond comprehension, and I cannot begin to imagine what it would have been if I had gone into labor like some pregnant women in other developing countries to realize that I was giving birth to three babies without any hint or preparation; it would have been a complete devastation. These multiple birth mothers that have gone through these experiences without any medical, financial or emotional support are my hero. They have my ultimate respect, and I am humbled to work to improve their lives. I call on you all to reflect on how you can help to make a difference in the lives of these families”



Some people spend time and money on fertility treatment. They spend sleepless nights thinking and praying for a child while asking God “why me?”

Some other people who do not have the means or the wits have twins, triplets, quadruplets and more. They spend sleepless nights thinking how to take care of them and pose the same question to God “why me?”

Yet a coin has two sides but it is put to one use. So RISE ABOVE THE COIN and whichever side you are serve humanity as you participate in our Multiple Outreach Project (MOP).


Home      About MBSF      Foundation Needs      Founder’s Fountain      Multiple Outreach Project      Board & Staff      Photo Gallery      Links & Resources      Events      Contact MBSF


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