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Reaching Out To Help Mothers With Multiple Birth Babies



Multiple Births Support Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that assist disadvantaged families of multiple births like twins, triplets, quadruplets, and other higher order especially in developing countries. Most of these families face enormous challenges as a result of their multiple births babies. Some of these challenges range from poor medical care, inadequate provision and lack of access to basic human and social amenities like food, clothing, education, and clean water. All these problems result in high pregnant women, and infant mortality rate as well as heightened poverty rate.

The major challenge of inadequate pre and post natal medical care that often endanger the lives of both mother and babies is alarming in most rural communities. The inability to have access to medical care due to financial incapacitation is often responsible for the high mortality rate recorded amongst this group. In most cases, the expectant mother is unaware that she is having more than one child until at the time of delivery. At the news of multiple births, a number of women are abandoned by their husbands at the hospital with no food or clothing, and left to the fate of the hospital administrators whose medical bill they are unable to pay. Some women have gone through a lot of emotional and psychological trauma as they helplessly watch their babies die one after the other due to inadequate care.

The birth of twins, triplets or more should bring joy to the family. Unfortunately, it is not the situation for many cases in developing countries. Families of multiple births have undergone enormous challenges, pains and difficulties.  Most of the multiple birth children are born to parents who are poor, unemployed and ignorant. The birth of twins, triplets or more comes to the parents as a shock and thus destabilizes the family unit. Most of these families are living under deplorable conditions. The issue of hunger, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, child labor and abuse is so staggering amongst this group of families. The on-going global food and economic crisis is yet another threat to their survival.

The above highlighted issues are what our organization, Multiple Birth Support Foundation is working to minimize through our projects and programs. We encourage self-sustenance through micro credit schemes to the parents, support newly born multiples through welfare packages, engages in payment of hospital fees for sick families, pregnant women, baby delivery as well as empower the older children with basic education scholarships and promotion of skills acquisition. Our goal is to help these families today to become self-reliant in order to help themselves and their family in the future.

In our effort to address the above mentioned, our foundation is assisting in reduction of infant mortality rate, alleviation of poverty, provision of essential necessities and creating access to social amenities that will improve the lives of these multiple birth families especially in developing countries. The Foundation also creates awareness of the unimaginable hardships that these families encounter in their daily struggle for survival that is often taken for granted. We have designed a multifaceted project named Multiple Outreach Program (MOP) through which some problems can be addressed.

It is heartwarming to know that some help we have given to some families are beginning to transform their lives positively and this is encouraging us to do more. Some children on our basic education scholarship program are in school and no more on the street hawking, while some parents can take care of their family needs because of the micro-credit given to them to start petty trading. Some babies depend on the foundation for their food and clothing and we need to keep on the supply in order to save their lives.


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